Storm Damage Roof Repairs

Dallas, TX Storm Damage Roof Repair

With Heavy Storms Comes High Winds and Roof Damage

Severe storms tend to ravage the DFW area at least a few times a year. When hailstorms and flooding occur, many people’s thoughts immediately jump to their cars and home fixtures, such as windows. However, they may turn a blind eye to their roofs. The roof over your home or business is integral to keeping it safe from the elements. OurDallas, TX storm damage roof repairs are the best in the area for keeping your home from getting hail, wind and rain damage. Call our professional roofers today at (214) 373-1500 if you recently experienced roof damage from a storm.

Storm Damage Causes

From tornadoes to high winds, there are a few types of storms that can shake up a roof and leave it vulnerable. Not attending to storm damage to your home could result in more severe problems later on, like leaks and wood rot, which have high repair costs.

If you notice pieces of shingles on the ground around your house, tree branches on your roof or leaks of water coming from the ceiling, these problems should be fixed as soon as possible. In general, the sooner you attend to them, the less likely the need will be for a full roof replacement or costly repairs.

We are also here to walk you through your insurance claim process for storm damage to your roof. Contact us for help handling your roof insurance claim today!

Storm Damage Solutions

Eclat Roofing is the top choice for Dallas, TX storm damage roof repairs. We can quickly and effectively fix damage from hail, wind, snow, rain and more to extend the life of your roof.

If you want to protect your roof, even more, our roofers are also experienced at installing hail-resistant roofs. To add to this, we can even provide periodic inspections and maintenance to the roof on your home or business to make sure it’s as effective as possible.

We are the most trusted roofer in Dallas, TX! Call us today at (214) 373-1500 for our roof repairs for storm damage.