A Duro-Last Roof

Durable Roofing Solutions

When it comes to commercial roofing, Eclat Roofing strives to ensure our customers receive the highest quality in service and materials. That’s why our roofing professionals are experienced and highly skilled, and why we use only top quality materials from leading manufacturers like Duro-Last. When you are looking for the best in single ply roofing in Dallas, TX, no roofing membranes are as durable and long-lasting as Duro-Last roofs. If you need exceptional single-ply roofing solutions, our roofers will provide them. All you need to do is call (214) 373-1500.

The Duro-Last Difference

When Eclat Roofing installs single-ply roofing like Duro-Last roofs in Dallas, TX, we know we’re putting on a quality roof. Duro-Last is the largest manufacturer of custom-fabricated thermoplastic roofing in the world. They’ve been around since 1978, perfecting their materials, and billions of square feet of their materials have been installed worldwide.

What we like about Duro-Last is the fact these roofs will fit on pretty much any building, and are ideal for flat roofs. These roofs are custom designed, and as much as 85% of the seams have been completed by the manufacturer before they reach the job site. This makes it easier for us to install, which keeps our labor costs low. This benefits you in the long run as far as saving money goes. Because they are durable, we can also install these roofs year round with almost no hassles. These roofs are highly damage- and wind-resistant as well, and the materials are certified sustainable, and fully recyclable. Some of Duro-Last’s latest designs also come in a variety of colors to match your building’s design.

Another reason we like Duro-Last roofs is the comprehensive warranty coverage they come with. We like providing our customers with reliable service and quality materials, and we know these materials are worthwhile. The warranties cover materials and labor, and there are options for hail and high wind damage. They also offer warranties covering residential application of these materials. All of these great qualities help us provide exceptional service when it comes to commercial single ply roofing. We believe you’ll agree with us.

Call for Service

Are you looking for a durable, long lasting roof for your business? Eclat Roofing installs Duro-Last roofs in Dallas, TX because we know these roofs are trusted worldwide for their quality. If you want a reliable team to install a custom-fabricated roof that’s long lasting, you can count on our professionals. Find out more or schedule a service appointment by calling (214) 373-1500.