Repairing Roof Damage

tools for roof repairPerhaps you have noticed that one single roofing tile or shingle has been damaged. While one small damaged unit of material is surely a small problem, roof damage can compound over time and grow into a much more complex issue. The team at Eclat Roofing has years of experience repairing both residential and commercial roofs to keep them standing strong for many years to come.

A visibly damaged patch of roof material will clearly need repairs, but compromised roof coverings can potentially allow the backing and underlayment beneath to also sustain damage. If the structure below your roof material has been damaged, the chances for roof leaks or insect infestation are much greater. A trained, professional roofer will be able to detect these subtle hints of damage that can prove to be detrimental.

The licensed roofing contractors at Eclat Roofing has years of experience handling insurance claims for roof repairs. We know the intricacies of dealing with insurance companies so we can walk you through this potentially stressful process with ease, and ensure that you have access to the funds and repairs that you deserve.

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