5 Step Summer Roof Checklist

Dallas Residential Roof Check

Picture of the sunBefore the summer heat is in full swing in the greater Dallas area, it is important to ensure your roof has been properly maintained. With the extended cold weather and number of ice storms we experienced this winter, it is very important to make sure your roof is ready for the hot summer days ahead. Here are five easy steps to quickly assess if your roof is ready for summer:

  1. Visual Check: The first step is extremely straightforward. Walk around your home and visually inspect the roofing elements you can see. Do you notice any loose shingles? Are there any cracks forming in any components of your roof? This part of your Dallas roof check is fairly easy, but can also alert you to bigger issues.
  2. Gutter Check: Next inspect your gutters. If your gutters are full of debris from your roof (such as bits of shingle or other roofing material), there is a good chance your roof suffered damages over the winter and early spring. Remember to be careful when inspecting your gutters as insects and animals will use gutters as homes. Ensuring your gutters are clean is very important in the maintenance of your roof. Water overflow from your gutters can cause damages to your entire roofing system.
  3. Debris Check: Look around your property for any debris left over from ice storms and spring storms. If you have a lot of debris littering the area, there is a good chance debris has also planted itself on your roof. The removal of debris from your roof is one of the key components of maintaining a well cared for roofing system.
  4. Energy Cost Analysis: As the summer months roll in and your energy costs rise, take the time to analyze your energy costs. If your energy costs are increasing, there is a good chance your roofing system is the culprit. A good roof can cut your energy costs drastically. Talk to our expert Dallas roofers if you are interested in exploring energy efficient roofing options for your home.
  5. Full Inspection: It can be extremely beneficial before summer is in full swing to have your roof inspected by a professional. Dallas residential roofs are often steep slope and can be very dangerous to climb on. If you haven’t had a roof inspection recently, call our specialists and set up an appointment for your roof. Your roof is a crucial component of your home and repairs should never be neglected.

By following these five easy steps you can ensure your home is a cool oasis this summer that will protect you from not only the heat, but also summer storms. And remember, your friends at Eclat Roofing are always available to help you with all your residential roofing needs.