Different Types of Roof Storm Damage

House with Roof Storm Damage From a Fallen Tree

A Fallen Tree is the Most Severe For of Storm Damage.

It doesn’t matter where you live, at some point your roofing system is going to endure a severe storm. When this happen, you will likely have roof storm damage that requires immediate attention to protect your home from water damage. Roof storm damage should never be ignored and the repair should be completed as soon as possible to protect the integrity of the building. Eclat Roofing offers services for all types of roof storm damage.

What Kind of Roof Storm Damage Do You Have?

Different types of storms can cause different levels of damage to your roof. Here are three of the most common forms of roof storm damage.

Hail Damage
The defining feature of hail damage is dents or dings all across your roof in a random pattern. The dents can range in size from small to very large, depending on the size of the hail stones. Other signs that your roof has been damaged by hail include cracked shingles or asphalt shingle granules built up in your gutters.

Wind Damage
Strong winds can peel the roofing materials right off your roof. Winds can also damage your chimney, causing it to crack or lean to one side. You may also experience damage to your home’s siding, which is caused by debris flying through the air.

Fallen Trees
The most significant roof storm damage is caused by a tree falling on your house. This is actually considered a roofing emergency, and it is recommended that you evacuate your home. Repairs for a fallen tree on your roof are extensive and may involve structural repair to the framing of the roof.

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