Ladder Safety Tips From Eclat Roofing

Ladder Safety

Stay Safe With These Ladder Tips!

When it comes to doing basic activities on your roof, such as cleaning your gutters or cutting low hanging branches over your roof, you will obviously need a ladder. More than 90,000 individuals needed emergency treatment for ladder injuries in 2016, which is why ladder safety is so essential. Luckily, ladder injuries are almost entirely preventable, if the proper precautions are taken. Today we will take a bit of time to discuss the safe way to choose and use a ladder.

To begin, every ladder should come with a unique safety label. This label will tell you how much weight the ladder can hold, and provide additional warnings as needed. Additionally, make sure your ladder is in good condition. Beware of bent or cracked parts, as well as issues such as missing bolts or parts. Once you ensure your ladder is in good condition, as well as capable of supporting your weight, there are a few more factors to consider.

  • Do not use your ladder outside if the weather is severe, such as high winds or rain.
  • Wear proper shoes that are slip resistant and sturdy.
  • Only use your ladder on stable or flat ground.
  • Do not use your ladder if you are feeling weak, tired, or dizzy.
  • Do not over-lean or over-stretch while on your ladder.
  • Stay in the center of the side rails to maintain your balance.

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