About Built Up Roofs

Picture of built-up roof

Built-up roof with a gravel or aggregate coating

Here at Eclat Roofing, we take pride in knowing that our customers have complete satisfaction with the jobs that we perform. To achieve that, we make sure that we’ve discussed all relevant possibilities to ensure that they feel confident in their choice before we get to work While we love to do this in person, we also thought we’d present a little information about one option, built up roofs, here.

Their Makeup:

This roof type gets made up from quite a few materials, including: gravel, mineral granules, slag, glass fiber, hot asphalt, aluminum coatings, mineral surfaced cap sheets and elastomeric coatings. 


Depending on how you want your roof installed, a bottom base layer could get put in first and mechanically fastened. Then, layers of felt and bitumen get put on via either a hot or a cold application. Finally, a top layer gets put on as well, made up of the materials mentioned previously.


Built up roof systems have stayed in use for over a hundred years. If you want to take advantage of this time tested material, give Eclat Roofing a call today for more information at (214) 373-1500 or (817) 800-1881.