EPDM on Your Commercial Roof

epdm roofReplacing your entire roof can be a burden on your schedule and your budget. If you’re looking for a roof that’s quick to install and easy on your wallet, EPDM may be likely be the solution. Strong, durable, and cost-efficient, EPDM offers affordable and lasting protection for your commercial roof without sacrificing on quality.

EPDM is a rubber roofing membrane. Its membranous, seamless quality offers it exceptional leak protection. It is also highly resistant to uplift from winds and hail damage, making it ideal for areas that experience strong storms. It is available in white, gray, and black, allowing for customization of your commercial roof.

EPDM is appropriate for all climates. When warm summer temperatures cause building materials to expand, EPDM is flexible enough to withstand these slight stretches. During the frigid temperatures of winter when materials contract, EPDM will not shatter or crack. It is also successful in desert climates that experience thermal shock, or extreme hot and cold throughout the day. Most importantly, EPDM carries a high fire safety rating.

On Your Commercial Building

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