How Gusty Winds Can Damage Your Roof

windy fieldWhen a storm rolls in, what first comes to mind? There are many powerful components to a storm, but strong winds can often be one of the most destructive. Wind is a factor in all types of storms which makes it a common type of roof damage. To help you better prepare and protect your property from wind damage, we briefly walk through the basics here.

Wind Creating Damage

When wind blows over a surface, it does not do so uniformly. Certain areas of the surface, usually those that are hit first, experience higher wind pressure. It should come as no surprise that the areas experiencing higher wind pressure are typically the first to sustain damage. The edges of a roof are subject to high wind pressure and are often the first to show signs of wear while the center of a roof experiences the lowest wind pressure.

Wind exacts damage by applying pressure to the roof material, lifting it enough for wind to blow in underneath. The wind then peels away the material from the roof. Regular roof inspections are key in combating wind damage, as well as having your roof inspected after strong storms. For professional, reliable roof repair, call our team today at 817-800-1881!