Hand Cleaning Your Gutters

gutters on side of houseDo you stay on top of regular gutter maintenance? You should, the health of your gutters contributes to the health of your whole roof by preventing pooling water. You can save money by hand cleaning them yourself. Here, we’ll go over how to do that as efficiently as possible.

Proper Clothing:

Before you get started, you’ll need clothes that can both get dirty and protect you from cuts. Find a thick pair of gloves and a long sleeved shirt.

What Type Of Ladder?

You have two ladder options, which you choose based on the slope of your yard. For a flat, even yard, use a free standing ladder. If your yard slants, a leaning ladder will work best. Don’t rest it against the gutters, instead you can use “ladder horns”.

How To Start?

Buy a gutter scoop, or you can just use your child’s toy shovel, and get to work clearing out all debris. To save your yard from the dirt, and make cleaning up simpler, put a tarp on the ground to catch it.


Finally, you’ll need to ensure the downspouts haven’t gotten clogged and can drain properly. Fire your hose water down them, looking for leaks. If they have a clog, fill them up with water, then start tapping on different parts of the downspout. When you hear a change in pitch, give it a good rap. Watch out, the debris will fly out.


Follow these steps and you will fly through the gutter cleaning as fast as possible. If your roof has sustained damage, and you need repairs, Eclat Roofing can help. To find out more about this and our many other services, give us a call at (214) 373-1500 or (817) 800-1881.