Is Imitation Tile Good?

tile roof on spanish style home

What are imitation roof tiles?

Tile roofing is beautiful and on certain homes, it is what completes the grandeur. Today, actual tile is expensive and the weight of it almost makes it impossible to have that final touch of grandeur. That is where imitation tile comes into the picture.

What is the difference between Imitation roof tiles vs traditional tiles? Imitation tile, often referred to as synthetic tile has become big player in homes today. When you’re having a custom home built, you want the best of the best, but when it comes to traditional tile, imitation tile is just as beautiful today as the real thing.

Today, imitation tile, synthetic tile, or composite roof tiles, have the same appearance and provide that touch grandeur as real tile. Aside from that, why choose imitation tile if you can afford the real tile?  

  • Imitation tiles offer the same appearance of natural slate and other types of real tile. However, they are made from recycled materials today, making them an ecofriendly way to roof your home.
  • Imitation tiles are less expensive because they are lighter weight than original tile, yet they are more durable. It will be years down the road before you’ll need to make any repairs or replacements, and most imitation tiles come with a fifty year warranty.
  • Imitation tiles are resistance to the elements and weather, unlike the Spanish tile that has always been susceptible to the water, wind, and any type of  storm damage. Where Spanish tile roof would come loose and blow off in high winds, imitation tiles stand their ground.
  • Imitation tile is lightweight and for a home that never had tile roof, there is no need to make special structural changes before installing. Whereas the original tile would require engineering inspection and possible bolstering the structure to hold the tile roofing because of their weight.

Can you get plastic roof tiles?

Yes! They are becoming more popular each year too.  When we speak of plastic, we usually think of cheap and flimsy, an environmentally-hazardous material that should go away if the Earth is going to last for future generations. However, that is the consumer-grade plastic that fits that description.

Today, imitation tile can be made from industrial plastic materials, a completely different type of plastic made from different polymers than the water bottles. There are plastic roof shingles that are as durable and reliable as any other type of roofing material and more lightweight than you may imagine.

Which roof is better metal or tile?

 Metal roofing has made a hit in residential areas the past few years. It is no longer the rusty, ugly metal roofing on the old barns, but does that make it better than tile roofing? Let’s look at the comparisons:  

Design: For centuries , concrete roofing tiles have been used on homes and other structures, so evidently, they can withstand the test of time. There are various profiles with tile, from a big barrel look to flat and smooth surface. They come in different textures and can be chosen to match the color scheme of your home’s décor. Metal roofing is a bit more limited, yet still offer a beauty all its own. You can choose a metal roof that mimics other roofing materials  like asphalt, slate, or wood shake.

Structure: To go with a real tile roofing, your home would need engineering inspection to be sure the structure can hold up to the weight. Metal roofing is lightweight, and no engineering inspection is required.

Longevity & Resistance: Concrete tile roofing will last a lifetime, something that a homeowner wants so they won’t have to worry with re-roofing again. Metal roofing can last up to 45 years or longer and they are fire resistant.  A metal roof can be loud during storms if not installed correctly and are damage easy in hailstorms.

Maintenance:  Metal roofing is low maintenance but if there is a need to replace a panel, finding exact matching color is impossible.  may seem low, there are many factors to consider before making a big commitment.

Energy Efficiency: Metal and concrete tile roofing are both energy efficiency.

What is the best roof tile?

Clay and concrete roofing tiles add elegance and texture to a home, giving it that grandeur look. With the flat, ribbed, or scalloped style of clay tiles, they are durable. Because they are heavy, installation can be expensive and take a long time. Concrete tiles are less expensive and versatile.

How do you know when to replace roof tiles?

There are three indications that you need to replace your roof tiles:

  • One: Assess the tile, look for broken tiles and, if there is an excessive amount broken, like 50%, then full roof replacement is due.
  • Two:  Check the underlayment system, where an older tile roof will typically have an organic underlayment like felt paper. If the underlayment is water damaged or weather worn, this means tiles have been missing for some time and the roof needs to be repaired.  
  • Third: Check the flashing system and determine if they are still in good condition.

Which roof tiles last the longest?

Clay/Concrete Roofing

Clay roofing tiles can have a lifespan of 50 years or longer. The technology changes in creating concrete tile, a clay tile roofing could last even longer.  

Slate Roofing

In Europe, slate roofing tiles have been popular for hundreds of years and most are still in good standing. Because slate is a stone, it won’t deteriorate or corrode and is fire, insect, sun, and water resistant.

tile roofing

Are imitation tiles good?

Synthetic slate tiles are known for their highest fire-resistance rating, something that your insurance company will love you for having. Because they are lightweight, the transportation and installation is easier, making it less expensive that many of the other roofing materials on the market today.

Why get imitation tiles? They look as good as real slate tiles and have the same Class A fire-resistance rating against severe exposure to fires externally. They don’t spread the fire. Because they are light weight, they are easier to transport and install, all which makes them cheaper. Call 214-373-1500 today for tile roofing in Dallas, TX.