Ponding: Danger to Flat Roofs

green roofLook how the City Hall of Chicago has embraced the unique qualities of its flat roof – due to its low slope, its inhabitants have been able to cultivate plants by containing water on its level plane. This “green roof” has been designed for this purpose, but if a regular flat roof starts containing water, serious damage is possible. Here we explore how ponding, or areas of pooling water, can damage flat roofs.

How does it work?

Gravity pulls water to the lowest point that it can go. This means that unless your roof is properly sloped and free of depressed areas, water will collect in the lowest points on your roof. Pooling water strains your roof with additional weight and accelerates deterioration. Ponding also makes your roof much more susceptible to leaks. If you notice water filled craters on your flat roof, this is indeed ponding, and you should contact a roofing professional.

Areas that are prone to ponding can often be raised so that water will drain off your roof correctly. If many areas on your roof experience ponding, you may wish to consider replacing your roofing system. Again, repairs to your roof should be undertaken only by a roofing professional to ensure no further damage is done to your roof.

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