Shingle Recycling

Shingles: Continuing the Cycle

Picture of shingle tear-offWhen the time comes that your shingle roof has reached the end of its lifespan, many homeowners simply have their shingles torn off and disposed of. However, shingles account for around eleven million tons of waste in landfills in America every single year! If you are interested in finding a greener solution for shingle tear off, consider shingle recycling. 

Why recycle shingles?

Although shingle roofing is a great, affordable roofing system for homes and businesses, it contributes largely to waste in the U.S. And asphalt shingles can take upwards of decades to decompose. They also compact poorly which leads to dangerous methane pockets in landfills.

However, over time solutions have been found to use recycled shingles. Old recycled shingles can be used in new projects such as all of the following:

  • Symbol for shingle recycling in DallasCreating new shingles
  • Making hot asphalt mix
  • Cold patching roads
  • Dust control for dirt roads
  • Fuel source
  • and more!

How can I recycle my shingles?

Recycling shingles in Dallas is an easy process. The DFW area has many viable resources for shingle recycling including “roof to road” programs. The following links provide further information on where to recycle your shingle roofing products.

Recycling your shingles is a practical way you can help the environment during your roofing project. Let us know at Eclat Roofing if you are interested in shingle tear off and recycling during your next roofing project.