Roof Repair in Lake Charles, LA

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Tile Roof Repair Experts

Roofs are continually at risk of damage. Storms, hurricanes, fallen limbs, high winds: all batter roofs, causing all kinds of problems from damaged shingles to leaks. If you need fast, effective roof repair in Lake Charles, LA, you can always turn to the professionals at Eclat Roofing. We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded, full-service roofing contractor with more than 20 years of experience. You can learn more about us or book a service appointment by calling 337-693-3727.

Our Service Offerings in Lake Charles, LA

From cracked shingles to leaks, when you need roof repair in Lake Charles, LA, you can expect fast, effective service from the team at Eclat Roofing. Our roofing team consists of highly experienced professionals that never cut corners no matter what service they provide for you. We are qualified to repair all types of roofs from standard asphalt and composition shingles to metal and tile. For all of our repairs, we only use the highest-quality materials from leading manufacturers. 

While normal wear and tear will damage your roof, storms create some of the worse problems for your roof, especially if accompanied by hail or high winds. We specialize in roof storm damage repair and are available 24/7 for emergency repairs. Anytime a severe storm passes through, you want to call in a professional to inspect your roof for damages. Storm damages aren’t always readily apparent, and an inspection may reveal issues that can be repaired immediately without risk of further problems. In addition to providing repairs, we can help you with your insurance claim. We make sure you get the full benefit of your claim by providing you with information like your inspection report and meeting with adjusters if necessary. While you should never wait too long to get repairs made, you definitely don’t want to hesitate to get roof leaks repaired. When left unchecked, leaks can cause numerous problems ranging from rotting and structural damage to mold growth. 

Repair or Replacement?

At times damages might be too extensive to justify simple repairs. Whether you have a tile roof, TPO roof, or an asphalt shingle roof, repairs may just not be an option. Sometimes your roof may need to be replaced. When you have issues like missing or cracked shingles, you might just need to have a few repairs made. But, these problems can often require you to replace your roof. We can inspect your roof, give you an accurate report of the damage, and help you determine the best course of action for your roof.  

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Has your roof been damaged by a storm or through daily wear and tear? When you need reliable and professional roof repair in Lake Charles, LA, you can always rely on the team at Eclat Roofing. We offer the widest range of repair options for all types of roofs. Find out more about our team or schedule a service appointment by calling 337-693-3727.