Summer Checkup for Roof Maintenance

Summer Roof Check-upProper maintenance will keep your roof in great condition so it lasts for years. It is important to check your roof for any signs of storm damage so you can have repairs done before the summer heat arrives. These are some easy ways to do a quick check up on your roof:

  1. Look for any debris visible on your roof or strewn around your property, especially if you recently had a wind or hail producing storm come through. Broken tree branches or torn shingles need to be removed and the rest of the roof inspected for other potential damage. Lots of asphalt particles from the shingles is a good indication that the shingles are wearing out and need to be replaced.
  2. Do a quick visual check of your roof from the ground for any noticeable signs of wear and tear. Any cracks or missing shingles will need to be repaired to avoid problems in the future. It may not seem like a big deal, but even small repairs to visible roof damage will help keep you from having to fix more expensive damage. A small leak can lead to mold and mildew growth which may cause trouble with your air conditioning system as well.
  3. Check the gutters for debris as well. Make sure they are clean and water flows through them without overflowing. Watch out for insects and animals will make nests in gutters, this build up of debris can also clog up the downspout. You want to avoid overflow because it can cause moisture build up and leaks in the roof surrounding the gutters. Repairs for this damage can be costly.
  4. Look into how much you are spending in utilities. Summer is here and your energy costs are going to increase so going over your previous costs will help determine any trouble with air efficiency in your home. A well insulated and maintained roof can save you a lot of money in energy costs.
  5. Having the roof inspected by a roofing professional is a great way to make sure your roof is all set for the summer. A professional will be able to find even the most minute problems and get them repaired before they get bigger. Climbing on a roof is not an easy (or safe) task either. If you need a roof inspection done in Dallas, TX give us a call today.

Getting your roof ready for summer is a great way to prepare for the heat and any potential summer storms. If your roof needs repair give the team at Eclat Roofing a call. We are available to get your roof prepped for summer in no time.