Navigating Roofing Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims for Roof RepairThe DFW area was hit by several intense storms earlier this year, and I think we’re all glad that those are behind us at this point. After the months of rain and hail, we headed (seemingly) straight into warm weather. Given the sheer volume and coverage area of the storms, it took a while for many residents across the North Dallas and Fort Worth area to get the help they needed to restore their home after the damage incurred.

Even if you’ve been able to get some of the repair work finished, you may still be dealing with the hassle of homeowner’s insurance claims. They are many details and fine print that can impact just how efficiently you can complete the work and see the full funds from the repair efforts. Having an experienced, knowledgeable roofing contractor can make all the difference in your ability to navigate this process without losing your mind or the money you’re owed.

The first step is making sure that you hire a reputable roofing contractor who you can trust. Many fly-by-night folks will chase storms all over the state, knocking on doors mere hours after a hailstorm, and will promise you everything under the sun without having stepped foot on your roof for an inspection. They may even ask for a hefty deposit and try to scare you if you don’t book with them right that second, but don’t be fooled. These people are opportunists and won’t be around long. Go with locals who have solid references and who are willing to be an advocate for you with your insurance company. They can serve as the middle-man in many cases, saving you headache and confusion.

After the work is completed, ensure that you understand the scope of what was approved per the insurance claims and what you ultimately received from the contractor, and you can work together to submit all the final paperwork with the insurance company. This final process should be relatively straightforward, but you’ll be glad you have a pro on your side if there are any hold-ups of delay tactics at play.

If you’re struggling with getting your roof properly fixed or need some help with roofing insurance claims in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, call us at 214-373-1500!