What Makes A Wood Roof Unique From Other Roofs

Wood Shake Roof House Exterior

Wood Shake Roofs Are Beautiful But High Maintenance

There’s no denying that wood shake shingles are absolutely gorgeous. They upgrade a typical shingle roof into something beautiful and long lasting. While wood shake roofs are premium roofing systems that last for decades and withstand severe weather, they do have some downsides that are important to note. Homeowners need to be aware that wood shake roofs are the most high maintenance roof available, and that is time and effort, along with money that they must be willing to sacrifice for aesthetics. If you are needing wood roof installation or repair in DallasDallas, TX, call Eclat Roofing at (214) 373-1500 today.

Important Wood Roof Maintenance Know How

  • Since these shingles are made of real wood, they are extremely flammable. Many insurance companies won’t accept real wood shake roofs anymore. Nowadays, a lot of wood roof shingles are sprayed with fire-retardant coatings to eliminate chances of catching fire. You can also get your wood shingles stained with products like Sikkens Deck and Trim Stain to make their natural finish stay vibrant for years.
  • Wood expands when wet, so hiring a certified and legit roofer to properly install the shingles with enough space apart to give them room to expand is critical.
  • Moss and algae easily grow on wood roofs due to water being able to get trapped under and inside the wood shingles. Roof cleaning using pressurized water can clear the growth.
  • Since these roofs are made from real wood, insects infestations are possible. You can get your roof chemically sprayed to prevent termites from destroying it.