When Your Roof Leaks

Leaking Roof

A Leaking Roof Indicates Present Damage On Your Roof.

When a storm rolls into the area, you anticipate that your home will be protected and safeguarded against potential damage and water by your roof. Your roof acts as the first line of defense for anything that can be thrown your way, including hail, high winds, debris, and more. To ensure your roof is ready for anything, it is important to have it regularly inspected and repaired. However, even with these services, as a homeowner, you may one day face a leak. Leaks can be formed by a high and sudden impact on your roofing system, creating a dent or puncture that allows water into your home. If this happens to you, do not panic. A qualified roofer can repair your¬†leaking roof and get it back to its best. It is important when you first notice water entering your home to schedule a roof repair to minimize any possible issues that water can cause to your home’s structure.

Can Roof Leak Cause Mold?

The sad truth is that by the time many homeowners notice a leaking roof, water may have been present and seeping into the home for quite some time. You may wonder how much damage water can really cause to your home.¬†The answer is that it can be devastating if left unchecked. Water is invasive, getting in all parts of your home’s structure and on your belongings. Once it travels through your roof leak, it can moisten your insulation, warp your boards, stain your furniture, and even structurally damage your drywall. Even if it just creates a little moisture, water can create a happy environment for mold in all of these areas, creating the need for replacement in your home. Mold spores are always present, but they require moisture in order to grow. A leaking roof can create the proper environment for this hazard to grow in your home. If there is mold in your home, you may experience irritation of the eyes, nose, lungs, and skin, along with health concerns. This is why it is so crucial to act when you notice that there is a leak, to prevent excess damage and even reverse the current damage.

How to Stop Roof Leak

As stated previously, if you notice a leaking roof on your home, you should contact a roofer immediately for service. If you are feeling proactive, you can even get a temporary patch kit from your local home improvement shop in order to stabilize your roof and prevent any more water from getting in. However, it is important to remember that roof patches as temporary. These will eventually fail and allow water to seep back in, or even allow your roof to grow worse. If you have a leaking roof and need service today, Eclat Roofing is always available to assist you. Our roofing contractors are your local experts providing you with high-quality roofing and great customer service. give us a call today at (214) 373-1500 for your roofing needs in Dallas, TX.