Winter Weather: Your Roof and Snow

snowy roofWhile snow in North Texas is spotty at best, we typically encounter a few inches of snow or ice at least once in a given year. It is common knowledge that snow can make our roads treacherous and down the occasional power line or tree, but it is less often discussed that snow can damage roofs. To help you prepare for the effects of potential winter weather, we walk through the basics of how snow can damage a roof.

Snow can affect a roof in several ways. First, the sheer weight and volume of snow accumulation can push a roof to its limits and strain the structure of the roof. Clearing the snow from the roof is a great way to counter this type of damage, but clearing snow should be done only by professionals for safety concerns and to protect the integrity of your roof materials.

Snow can also increase the chances of a roof leak. As a roof slowly emanates heat from the indoors, the snow in contact with the roof begins to melt. The runoff water can be trapped or redirected by the above ice and snow, causing the water to sit or to seek out alternate methods for draining. Sitting water can degrade roof material while incorrect drainage can cause leaks around weak spots in the roof.

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