Texas Weather: Be Storm Ready

Texas stormWe Texans are no strangers to severe weather. This spring’s record rains, winter’s powdery snow and slick ice, tornadoes, wicked heat, high winds, hail, and flooding are all realities in our often unpredictable climate. Preparing ahead to face these storms is often the key between history and tragedy, so here we have compiled a few tips to help you be storm ready.

Basic Storm Preparedness

Your Property:

  • Tornadoes, hurricanes, and other high winds pose as threats to your windows and doors. If time allows, board up windows and doors, and seal gaps with nails and caulking.
  • Shut off water and electricity to your property if flooding is incoming. This will help keep your water lines clean in the event that there is a sewage main break.
  • Consider purchasing a backup generator. Electricity is often cut during storms. Generators need only to power a few appliances, such as a refrigerator and some fans, and are practical and largely affordable. Whole home generators are also available.

Your Family:

  • Create a family emergency plan that covers relevant insurance information, family communication, special needs, pet precautions and plans, vital emergency supplies, and an escape route. Decide how to proceed if family members are not home.
  • Follow evacuation advisories and instructions from local authorities. In the event of an evacuation, notify friends or loved ones of your evacuation plans to avoid panic.
  • Designate a home safe zone from high winds and tornadoes. It should be in a sturdy building or home, in an area free from windows or glass, such as a closet.
  • If you are away from home when flooding is forecast or is occurring, stay where you are! 60% of flooding fatalities occur when people are trapped in their cars in high water.

If your home or business suffers storm damage, call our professional roofers at (214) 373-1500 or (817) 800-1881 for rapid storm repairs. Even if your roof seems intact after a storm, it is always wise to have it inspected! Dallas’ top roofing contractors are on hand to help you after a storm.